Reflective International College runs a learner -centred curriculum wherein premium emphasis is placed more on helping to develop the innate capabilities of the learner.

The school operates a rich combination of global education curricular programmes , also putting into cognizance the unique educational programmes and philosophy of the Nigerian education system. The teaching and learning programmes also leverage on the distinct principles and fundamentals of Islam.
At RIC, we offer wide range of subjects that are hinged on moulding a complete, competitive and highly formidable learner who will become leaders in all spheres of life. Our teaching and learning programmes are centred on the delivery of instructional content in key areas of Arithmetic and logic, Literacy and Phonetics, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, Indigenous and International languages , Culture and Creative Arts , Business , Innovation and Leadership, Arabic and Islamic education and Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurship.

The School has three major official languages, English , French and Arabic .This is part of efforts to make our students function well globally.
At RIC, we provide every child more than a college education, but train them to become more productive and self-reliant .